Rent and Mortgage Assistance

The trustee can assist eligible clients, with a portion of the rent/mortgage (current month), in emergency circumstances. The shelter must be safe and not already in foreclosure. There are documents that must be provided before assistance can be issued. 

The following documents are required for assistance applications. 

  1. Application filled out completely
  2. Indiana picture I.D.
  3. Proof of income for the past 30 days (Notice of Benefits, Social Security Award Letter, Bank Statement, Child Support documentation if applicable)
  4. Copy of your Lease or mortgage
    1.  If requesting assistance with utility bills- the bill must be at a disconnect status, in the applicant’s name
  5. If unemployed, you must be registered at the Work-One with a resume online and actively seeking employment. You will be required to provide documentation including contact information for the last 5 employment interviews. You will receive paperwork from Township Trustee’s Office for documenting the interviews. 
  6. Social Security cards for everyone in the household.
  7. Notice of benefits from FSSA
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